Wear for Tesla

Control your Tesla from your wrist

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Main Watch

Have more than one Tesla?

Control multiple Tesla cars from your watch as easily as pulling down the menu and selecting the car from the list. Ready to start sending actions to your other Tesla.

Easy to use

User design thinking about simplicity and making the process as fast as possible. Control your Tesla without having to use your phone.
Easy to use

Control the temperature

Change the temperature of your Tesla before getting in. Defrost, turn the heater on, open windows, and more.

Quick Overview

You can see an overview of your car: miles left, charging remaining time, charging rate, doors, windows, and more.


  • Unlock your car
  • Turn the climate on or off
  • Open front and rear trunk
  • Remote start your Tesla without your phone
  • Activate the horn or the flashlights
  • Open the charging port
  • Change car color*
  • Vent and Defrost
  • Multiple Accounts*
  • NFC Car Unlock*
  • And more.
Main Watch
*Features available with subscription