If you refunded the app for any reason I would really appreciate if you send me an email with the reasons why. I'm fully committed to make this app as good as I can make it for all Tesla/Android Wear users.


This app is NOT compatible with Samsung Smartwatches that run on Tizen OS

Recommendation: Search the app from your smartwatch or Google Play Store from a desktop computer (usually doesn't show up from the phone search).

Send commands easily

Unlock your car

Turn the climate on or off

Open front and rear trunk

Remote start your Tesla without your phone

Activate the horn or the flashlights

Open the charging port

Change car color

Vent and Defrost

And more features are coming soon...

Have more than one Tesla?

Control multiple Teslas from your watch as easy as pulling down the menu and selecting the car from the list. Ready to start sending commands to your other Tesla.

User Friendly

User design thinking about simplicity and make the process as fast as possible. Command your Tesla without having to use your phone.

Control the temperature

Change the temperature of your Tesla just by swiping up and down from your Android smartwatch.


You can check the battery, miles left and also if your Tesla is charging it displays the remaining time, charging rate and more.

Doors, trunks or windows open? Yes, it also shows you that.

Feature Request

The most requested feature would be done first and I'll be posting the progress of such feature. Remember to be logical on your request knowing what you can do with your car.

Currently working:

Custom Layout in main page