v3.2 - 10/09/2019

  • Now you can change the color of your Tesla 😛.
  • Improved UI to reduce the number of action buttons in the list.
  • New vent and defrost actions from v10.
  • New button to expedite the execution of the command.
  • And more bug fixes.

Please send me an email with feedback and suggestions. I take your feedback very seriously.

v3.0 - 08/20/2019

In this version I decided to give it a better look changing the font and the background of the app.

New Features

  • History of commands sent from the watch
  • New preference to change the way to send commands, Single click o long press.
  • Support for Android 10
  • bug fixes and improved speed

v2.0 - 02/22/2019

I'm pretty excited to release Wear for Tesla 2.0 with a new Logo and improved UI.

• There's a new Phone app to help you sign in up.

• The new background that matches your model and color.

• Improved the Preferences page.

• Improved Temperature Page and added compatibility with rotating bezels.

• Brand NEW Stats page that shows the temperature and the battery stats of your Tesla, including time remaining, rate and miles added when charging.

v1.7.0 - 05/12/2018

• New settings option, you can: Change the time frame for canceling a command, get the climate preferences ( °C or °F ) and current temperature (for now).

• New feature: Set car temperature by swiping up and down with a new interface by clicking on the A/C button. I also moved the A/C button inside this new interface.

• If you changed the preferences in your Tesla, go to Settings and click Refresh Car Preferences. (I didn't do it automatically so it does not slow down the watch fetching all that data all the time)

• Requested: Button to lock the car. The button to shut down the A/C as replaced by this functionality and moved as specified above.